Strathearn Distillery Master Class


Strathearn - Probably Scotland's Smallest Distillery

Tony Reeman-Clarke – Strathearn Distillery 

With their whisky just released and their gins amongst the nation’s favourites, there’s not a lot that Tony doesn’t know about the spirit making process.

Founder of Strathearn and chairman of the Scottish Craft Distillers Association, the mad professor or now more fondly known as The Malt Maverick, Tony brings enthusiasm and new projects to every meeting. Much like Tony's 4 dimensions of gin, his favourite drink depends on the place, the time and the company and it's normally alcohol. It would be unfair to complete this bio without a mention of Tony's Hero, namely his wife Mandy, she has to be classed as a hero to put up with a husband who wanted to open a distillery.

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